Social Media

One of the most significant social and economic phenomena of our century is the increasing influence of social media. Social media applications provide not only new ways of interpersonal communication but also revolutionize the marketing of products and services. By applying these new solutions it is possible to create much closer relationship amongst consumers, suppliers, employees and investors. However, social media is also a challenge to be answered for the companies of the 21st century as social interaction is present everywhere, everytime.

Netpositive Ltd.’s participation in these social media processes is threefold:

Supporting corporate presence in the social media space

Presence in the social media space is no longer a competitive edge for companies but much more a self-evident requirement. Well-chosen goals must be set which necessitate consistent communication and active participation. As a result, corporate reputation increases amongst consumers who get more committed to and satisfied with the products and the company itself. On the other hand social media is a good source of data based on which in-depth information can be gained on the market and more efficient business decisions can be made.

We help you to define the goals of your social media presence and provide services in order to reach these goals.

Development of social media applications

Netpositive Ltd. develops the Sulivilág public educational social platform and the Indafotó image sharing application, the latter for Recently we have gained experience in Open Social standard application integration, mash-up service integration and the development of applets that can be included in other systems.

Social media analysis

Our company carries out a research activity in the field of social media based analytical services. We are currently developing such business intelligence service-related IT applications that make social media space monitoring, notification management and event analysis possible. All these features would enable companies to intervene and interact consciously and effectively.

On the global market there are several competitive solutions for social media analysis but Hungary is still a white spot on the map from this point of view. The reason for it is that international solutions can’t be easily applied to a localized platform as the linguistic-semantic characteristics of the Hungarian language and the local social media websites necessitate special expertise.