CIG Pannónia Direkt portál

The portal of CIG Pannónia First Hungarian General Insurance Company Plc. supports the direct sales of insurance products. Developed in Symfony framework, this application incorporates complex functionalities in order to fulfill the needs of existing and future clients of the company. On the backend clients, calculations and contracts can be managed. The portel is not intended to be a back-office tool for brokers but it is a public website designed directly for assured customers and policy holders.

System participant

Most important characteristics


The direct portal has been developed using Symfony 2.2 framework. It communicates with several transactioning systems (including the company's portfolio management system) via webservices. The application has a fully responsive, ergonomic, user-friendly, unique design optimized for mobile devices, tablets and desktop platforms.

Infrastructure management

The client portal operates in CIG's own system architecture. Netpositive Ltd. provides 7/24 support in compliance with an SLA aggreement. Hosting and support activities include the following activities: