CIG Pannónia Life Insurance Plc.
Client Portal

The life client portal of CIG Pannónia Life Insurance Plc. has been being available for Hungarian, Slovakian and Romanian clients since September 2010. The portal manages and presents insurance and investment related information and it provides a platform where clients initiate transactions. The solution is built upon services provided by TCS Integrated Insurance Management System (IIMS).

Following expressed needs of both clients and the company itself the portal has been upgraded with numerous new moduls and additional services in the past two years. A new product-dependent announcement system has been introduced in order to avoid 'spamming' clients with irrelevant announcements they are not interested in. When launching a new product the need always arises to make the portal appear differently for those clients who have chosen the new product. This need is fulfilled with product-specific layout management for such pages as Portfolio, Fund Allocation or Bonuses. Transactioning has been introduced in the summer of 2012 with which the service scope of the portal has widened greatly as clients may now initiate specific transactions (fund switches, service activation etc.) on the portal. This functional upgrade made it necessary to raise security level: an automatic code is generated and forwarded to an SMS gateway that sends the code to the customer who can approve the transaction with this unique code.

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The client portal has been developed using Symfony 1.4 framework. According to the basic principles of the Service Oriented Architecture the application is directly connected to the Integrated Insurance Management System via webservices.